What You Can Expect from BHV


String Teacher Discounts

•20% off all accessories and music (excluding strings)
•Our strings are always priced 50% off retail
  (or map pricing)
•20% off new and reconditioned Glasser or Holtz
  bow purchases
•Discounted Glasser and Holtz bow exchanges
•20% off step-up level cases
•10% off step-up level instruments and bows


Road Rep Services

•Our school representative, Jeremy Blake, visits
  schools every 2 weeks starting in September. 
•Jeremy can set soundposts and give estimates at
  your school during trips at no extra cost.
•Bernhardt has a recruiting program for orchestra


Special Events and Coupons

•Bernhardt can conduct workshops at your school.
•Bernhardt House of Violins hosts field trips where
  your students can play step-up level instruments
  and learn about our repair shop.
•We offer Spring parent meetings so that your incoming students can reserve their instrument for the Fall. 
•Bernhardt will travel to help you recruit new students      for the next year.