Daniel Miller

Bow Maker . Instrument Repair and Restoration

The instrument and bow are more than tools to perform a piece of work, they are an extension of the performer through which music is interpreted and the art of both the composer and musician are expressed. The instrument and bow are personal. Because they are personal, a musician needs a trustworthy caretaker when maintenance, repair, or restoration are required.

As a musician of over twenty years and restorer/bow maker with fourteen years of professional experience, Daniel Miller understands the unique position he holds as a caretaker for both instruments and bows. He has developed his skills in such a way that he is able to hear what the musician hears when an instrument is not producing the tone it is capable of or the bow is not releasing the notes from the instrument as it should. Holding a Bachelor's of Arts in English from North Greenville University, the rigorous training he received in the English department equipped him with the ability to think both critically and creatively when faced with solving problems in repair and restoration. He also studied ceramics and sculpture while in university, which trained his eye to see when looking for those problem areas that require repair or restoration.

He has trained under Lynn Hannings at the University of New Hampshire in both bow making and repair, Jerry Pascewicz and David Orlin at Oberlin College and Conservatory in bow restoration, and Joshua Henry in both bow making and restoration; and, he continues to study and learn from other professionals, believing that it is essential for growth and the ability to apply his skills in the most beneficial way possible for the discerning musician.